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Americian Bands I Like Prt.1

i am going to be talking about american bands that I like.
for anyone who knows me,i have givin up on american music for the longest time.
i am going to be talking about bands or singers that i feel could make it in the bizz

okay. I Came Across A Band Called STEFY like 4 years ago i have been to every show in California. it was to the point where the band members whould greet me by name and hang out with them

STEFY is a pop rock new wave band form Orange County
Stefy Rae (the lead singer) is a mixter of gwen of No Doubt and Debbie Harry of Blondie.
Sean (the Guitarest) was nice to me but alot of people say he was rude,i didnt see it he would be the 1st one to greet me.
Jason (the keybored player) he was really nice he would come up to me and start talking about upcoming shows and new bands.
Jordan (the Drummer) he was really cool.
okay enough about the band lets talk about the music.
STEFY knew how to put on a really great show they were so full of energy.they aim to please the crowd and they always did a great job of that.
their music was a wide range from synth pop to new wave ballads
they had some minor hits like “Chelsea”,”Fool for Love”,”Orange County”,”School Boy”,”Pretty Little Nightmare” some of their music can be heard in “John Tucker Must Die” movie (that movie is a stinker phew)

“Chelsea” was their 1st single it had a mixter of “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These” it was a pop synth song with funny lyrics of a guy cheating with a girl named Chelsea.
“Hey School Boy” was their 2nd single it was a fun poppy song to drive too.this song is my favorite.
“Orange County” was their 3rd single a slow ballad about two high school lovers who had a baby and are trying to make it after dropping out of high school.
this song was tear jerker when they played this song live. she put alot of emotion in to this song.
“Pretty Little Nightmare”was their 4th single…and last
this song is a upbeat song you can dance to.
the song was a girl who goes around breaking hearts (thats what stefy told me).
they had little success in London they played some club gigs and such
they played some home gigs as well…..that was the last time they played as a band
just a month ago Stefy Rae hte singer had a solo show in wetshollywood.the guys are doing their own thing at least i seen them in concert.STEFY was dropped from their lable Wind Up Records
as a music lover i was sad about this,but as a fan and a friend to them i was glad.wind up never did anything to promote them as a group it was up to as their fans to spread the word of STEFY.
i asked Jason if the band is still active he told me yes so i hope they get to make their second album.


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