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My Top 10 Songs (American)

i am making a short list of 10 american songs i like!
(some are going to be remixs)

1.) Lady GaGa-Poker Face
this song is bad ass,although it can be dirrty if you listen to the lyrics
this song will have you humming along.

2.)Lady GaGa-Lovegame
okay now this song is dirrty,no doubt about it
this song is a dance song that will have you dancing in your seat.

3.)Gwen Stefani-What You Waiting For? (Jacques Lu Cont’s TWD Mix)
okay as you can see its a remix of what your waiting for.its a mix of dance and mello music.i think this remix is better then the original mix

4.)Family Force 5-Radiator
this song have a very good mixter of electro and rock.although it sounds some what manson-ish.

5.)Cash Cash-Party In Your Bedroom
this song is a electro pop song,this song is kind of fun to listen to

6.)Robyn-Be Mine
this song is a good break up song
although it can be kind of sad with the line”i saw you with whats her name,you were wareing the scarf i got bent down to tie her shoe”.

7.)Robyn-Handle Me
thee perfect fuck off song!
this song will pick you right up from a break up

8.)Heidi Montag-Fashion
yes heidi from the hills,she has some real catchy songs,her style is euro pop/not much like kylie minogue.but its good to dance to
the song speak for its self,this song has a good strong dance beat to it,but this song is kinda dumb as well.

9.)Adrienne Bailon-Big Spender
she is part of that disney girl group,but before that she was in a group called 3LW.this song is great dance track this song is from the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”.if she dishing out these types of songs i can see her doing solo work.

10.)Margaret Cho-I Cho Am A Woman
yes ,miss cho has a single out.this song is funny and great to dance to.miss cho is making an album.i hope the album has a strong dance/club vibe like “I Cho Am A Woman”


February 12, 2009 - Posted by | Music, Reviews

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