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Reviewing Great Music Is A Bitch


i am sorting out what albums to review so i dont know
RuPaul’s new album
Jolin Tsai’s new album
Anna Tsuchiya’s new remix album
Ayumi Hamasaki’s new album
Nami Tamaki’s Single
Perfume’s new single
Son Dambi’s Album
so look forword to seeing these reviews


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Heart Like a Hand Grenade

this is a review of a Greenday Doc Pic
it cornicals the making of the “greatest album ever made”
“American Idiot”
…dont know where to start…….
i’m a semi greenday fan im not hardcore like the rest of the movie crowd is.this moive shows billie joe,tre and mike.playing non-stop.
these boys seem like frat brothers
they pleyd every song on the album….as well they should cause it was a making of.
you know i wont lie i didnt know alot of of the lyrics or songs they played,but……i will now after seeing this movie
it opend my eyes to greenday
the film show the raw emotions that goes in to making an album
so much,dont get it wrong they show them having fun and fucking around.
if you love greenday you will love this movie.

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Meeting Utada

yesterday i made my way to hollywood california
to me Hikaru Utada
the line was long as hell
i was glad it turnd out like that.
met some nice people.
everynody brough their cd as well i did,cause it said that there was a we stood in line all day got in the make up store.
it was packed but i mange to make my way to the front
i was sporting a “Team Utada” shirt so see could see
she talked to some chick from KIIS Fm
and introduce some songs. (this was a listening party,introduce the whole album!)she sang snipts of “Apple And Cinnamon” “Me Meuro”
and “Poppin'”
then they took questions from the crowd my friend and the people bhinde me were screaming and point at me so they can ask me
they didnt thye over looked me
‘the people bhinde me were cool as fuck,i hope i run in to them again!
so they told us to form two lines so we could take our picture with her
i took out my “Ultra Blue”album and a sharpe so she could sign it.
they took my camera and took my picture and told me she cant sign it.
i shook her hand and it was life less,she didnt talk to her fans
she was cold and jus kept to her self……….i was like wtf?
so they gave us this “Sign” poster of hikki
for all i know some one else worte it.
she was so unfriendly
i’ve been to other signings and they were so nice giving hugs and firm hand shakes…….
as a die hard fan…….it hurt alot
on ch.5 she was nice and humble
i guess she’s two different people then
i started to cry after we got out.
cause i was mad and hurt.
how could she act like that with her fans?
we made her.
alot of people said the same thing about her
unfriendly,cold,did not talk with fans.
everyone who came to see hikki walked out with a disapointed face.
everyone is saying dont blame her blame the store…….
i blame both
hikki has the power to say “hey wait a min,these are my fans let me talk to them” but sadly she did not do that.
the store crew were rude.pushing out the store and such.
i thought meeting hikki would be awesome
i was wrong i see hikki in a different light now
she seemd like i dont need to be here i have japan to fall back on.
like i said the whole thing was just heartbreaking.
and now she just sent out a letter of apology
i’ve read it……i feel it was’nt sincere.
thats how i really feel.

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Girls (Feat. Lil Kim)

a review of Se7en’s 1st english single

“Girls (Feat. Lil Kim)”
this is a club song…sorta
his english is reather good…okay real good
this is a dance song but not to heavy on the dance music
lil kim’s part was reather dull.
she seems like she didnt care for this song at all.
this song sounds like every other crapy american song on the radio.
so its a sure fire.
i rate this song a 2 1/2 out of 5.

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Girls Generation

hey ya’ll this is my review of my favorite girls generation song’s

NOTE::i am not going to rate the songs this time::
NOTE 2::most of these songs are mostly pop-ballads::

“Kissing you”
okay this is the song that got me to like girls generation.
this is a very cute love song.the main beat for this song is kinda disco-ish.”kissing you” is a pop-ballad
i think its a perfect song for your girl friend or boy friend.

yet again another cute love/crush song
granted its another pop-ballad.
but the words are just cute.

“Baby Baby”
this cute little diddy is a cursh song
i really like the words to this song,it sum’s up my school crush’s.
this is a perfect song for a cursh.

“Mabinogi (It’s Fantastic!)”
the lyrics to this song are rather starnge
cause. makes you seem she’s going away.
2.or she’s on her way to the great kingdom in the sky.
any ways i love the vocal range on this song.

“소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation)”
the lyrics are….okay there just strange.
with the opening line like this “The selfish grabber who said I was young
For some reason he told me he loved me and kissed me today”
………..yeah i dont know what to say.
i love the power vocals the lead singer has.

“힘 내! (Way To Go)”
this is one is a mixer of pop and rock
with the guitar riff’s an all……i rwad the lyrics for this song….i dont know if its about love or about changing the world?
anypoo i love this song. yeah i know its kinda of funny i love this sons
but i dont know waht the song means

“다시 만난 세계 (Into the New World)”
okay this is another song the has two meanings
1.walking away from a love
2.or passing away.
either way i love this song.i love the lyrics.
its like a poem.

gee….gee i love this song
this song is a pick me up
its total bubble gum pop at its finest!
ths is yet another cursh song…
total girlie song…….yeah i love it so what!

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Pretty Girl ( Special Edition)

a rivew of KARA’S Pretty Girl ( Special Edition) mini album

i love this song its so roller rink music.
although i do like the original alittle bit better.
this version of “Honey” is more dance friendly
the original was more pop.
like a cheerleading song if you will
i rate this song a 5 out of 5

“이게 뭐야 (“What’s This?”) (Plastic Version)”
this is song is rather addicting
their voices blend rather good.
but this song is rather simple.
i rate this song a 3 out of 5.

“Pretty Girl (School Rock Version)”
the original song is much better then this remix.
this remix is more of a pop rock remix.
i wasnt to thirlled
i though it was medioker at best
i rate this song a 2 out of 5.

“Pretty Girl (Bunny Version)”
okay now i love this remix
this remix is more pop friendly
i think this remix might be better then the original.
i rate this song a 4 out of 5.

“Goodday Season 2”
the original is good
but this remix over shadow’s the original.
its more mello.
i rate this song a 4 out of 5.

my thoughs about this album.
they shouldnt call a special album
its should be called a mini remix album.
i love remixs,i am like the biggiest remix whore ever
and some of these remixs were rather dull.
i rate this album a 3 1/2 out of 5.

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a review of BoA’s First English Album
NOTE:i maybe harsh about this album,but that does not make me an anti BoA fan,i have much love for her and i wish her all the best:

“Did Ya”
this is an upbeat tempo pop song,
the intro is great it was like a mix of 60’s lounge music
then it blends with the pop beats.
i think this should be her next single.
her vocals are blended kinda bad in this song,but none the less its a good song.
i rate this song a 4 out of 5

“Dress Off”
this is like anathem sort of way
saying “F-you” “take a good look,you’ll just have memories now”
BoA’s vocals i sorta better then “Did Ya” in this case but
she try’s to over power the back beats and noise in the song
so kinda sound like a bunch of noise.
but the dance beats are catchy
i rate this song a 3 out of 5

“Eat You Up”
i am so burnt out on this song.
there are 4..yes 4 different videos for this song
i love the simple dance beat,its more clear and her can her vocals
the style of choice for vocal wise is…..speak and spell
yeah thats it she sounds like a speak and spell.
i alot of people agreed on it.
i rate this song a 3 1/2 out of 5

this song here is a DANCE ANTHEM
the club goers would eat this shit up
it has a very strong dance beat.just like “Eat You Up”
this too is clean not that much noise.
i myself like this song.
“Report to the dance floor”
i love that line.
i rate this song a 5 out of 5.

“Girls On Top”
i was heart broken when i saw this on her album…..
this is a BoA classic.
she made it modern
its not the same as the “Original”
i rate this song a 2 out of 5
(you just dont mess with a classic)

“Hypnotic Dancefloor”
awww yes bring on the heavy synth hooks
and over bareing back beats.
the loops doesnt fit in this song.
i do like the lyrics
i guess cause its something kylie minogue would have done.
i guess you can say that the song is simple.
although this one reeks of britney spears…….she sounds like her in this, i shit you not.
i rate this song a 3 out of 5.

“I Did It For Love (featuring Sean Garrett)”
okay i wont lie BoA sounds like a computer singing
and the lyrics are atad bit ghetto.but you know what?
the music saves the song.
Sean Garrett….i have no idea who this singer is
but if he needs to use a digital voice enhancer that means he cant sing.
this song should be on the raido.
i rate this song a 4 out of 5.

“Look Who’s Talking (Cover)”
this song is badass…..if we were back in the 80s
it sounds like the theam to “Night Rider”
im just waiting for K.I.T to come out and sing.
i myself dont care for this song.
i rate this song a 2 1/2 out of 5.

the intro reminds of anna tuschyia’s “Virgin Cat”
with the whole “hey hey hey hey”
kylie minogue has a song that is almost like this one back in 2007…..gee i wonder where they got the idea for this song.
the back beat is too much with the drums,the “hey’s”in the back ground.
BoA’s vocals are semi clear though so thats a plus!
i rate this song a 3 out of 5.

here is another club banger
i love the synth back beats and simple dance blend
i like this song.
this song will have you dancing in your room,car.anywhere you go
this song will have you in a trance.
i rate this song a 5 out of 5.

” Touched”
a music box melody as a main beat?
i was like “WTF”
but it works
this is yet another dance club song.
BoA’s vocals are relly clear, i can understand her!
i give her props for using a music box melody for a the main beat.
i rate this song a 5 out of 5.

so here are my thoughts
this album has its flaws
like having the same beat
being to digital with the voice enhancer
but over all its an okay album
i the album a 3 out of 5.

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Asian Music

i lovve asian music!!!!!!!!!!
big deal to each their own right?
i am gettting alot of shit because i love asian music
the most common statement i hear is “you’re not asian”
“dont act like you understand it”

whats wrong with like different music?
if i listend to french pop (which i love) would they still give me shit?
see here’s the thing….i do understand it not at first
but if i really love it
ill look up the lyrics and translations
i dont care
but now that im learning japanese/korean/chinese is kinda easier for me.
sorry about this rant!

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This Is The One (Review)

this is a review of Utada”s new english album “This Is The One”

“Apple And Cinnamon”
this track is one of my favorites on this album
its a pop-ballad this song is about heart ache
the piano is a nice steady beat through out the entier song
i rate this song a 4 1/2 out of a 5.

“Automatic Part II”
this song has more of a 90’s hip-hop feel to it
this song is okay not my cup of tea though
i rate this song 2 out of 5/

“Come Back To Me”
this is utada’s latest single.
this song is about a woman who cheated on her boy friend and now she is begging for his forgiveness.
the piano intro is a bit much for me.
this is a ballad. torwords the end of the song she sing a flow……that was not a good idea.
all an all this was a good song
i rate it a 4 1/2 out of 5.

“Dirty Desire”
this song reeks of janet jackson! (80’s janet)
i think i dont need to explain the song,the name says it all
this is a pop/dance song.
although i do a have a problem with a line in the song
“i love you long time”.
this song will have your dancing in your seat.
i rate this song a 5 out of 5.

“Me Muero”
utada channled the 60;s for this jazzy song
this is a blend of jazz/funk pop. its so different
i love it.
this song is a good choice to relax to.
i rate this song a 4 out of 5.

“Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence -FYI”
utada sings about getting bussy
i think this song is a part 2 so to speak
she also has a song called “The Workout”
its almos the same thing.
yeah this song is an pop ballad with an asian feel.
i rate this song a 5 out of 5

“On And On”
this is a party song
club dance music is the stlye for this number
this song is well rounded dance song
her vocals are strong for this song.
i rate this song a 3 out of 5.

i think the music choice was abit off for this song
its like a mix between dance and spy music.
utada’s vocals were kind of poor for this one
i rate this song a 2 out of 5.

“Taking My Money Back”
this song reminds me of “Bills Bills Bills” by Destiny Child
i guess cause the vocal style
this has a good strong dance beat to back up the vocals.
this song is about getting rid of a deadbeat boyfriend.
i rate the is song a 5 out of 5.

“This One (Crying Like A Child)”
this is truly an amazing song.
i think she did a great vocal range for this track
this is a pop ballad.
i rate this song a 5 out of 5.

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like the title says its time for an introduction about me (Richard,if you didnt know my name).

Eye’s Drk.Brwn
Race.Mexican (not latino,mexican)
well the boring stuff is out of the way.

okay here is about me section:
i love horror movies and kung-fu movies from the 70’s
i am an 80s child meaning i love 80s music,movies,style and tv.
i am abit of a smartass……well okay a big smartass
i like to make people laugh (its good for the soul)
i will have your back in a fight.
i am a otaku and REALLY PROUD OF IT!
i dont like alot of american music.
i may put up a though front,but i am easy to break.
i am working on an anime script.
music is my life,my lover,my happiness and sadness as well
i write music (lyrics).
i love reading from magna’s to thick books.
i have a massive dvd and cd selction.
i have two dogs (my babbies)
i love the gays,they have a right to have a happy marriage like every one else.
just ended a bad relation ship.

okay that was the semi fun part
now…the real fun! music and movies!

Dance Artist:
kylie monigue
dannii minogue
girls aloud
rupaul (yes the famous drag queen)
lady gaga
heid montag (the blonde with the fake boobs and nose from the hills)
amanda lepore
margaret cho (yes she has a single out and an album coming soon)

Rock/Alt/Electro Artist:
garabge (favorite band ever)
nine inch nails
shiny toy guns (with carah faye)
kill hannah
superbus (french power pop band)
the sounds
chiki (close friend of mine)

okay now here is the longer part ASIAN MUSIC!

Korean Artist:
after school
big band
fin k.l
lee hoyri
lena park
seo in young
girls generation
son dam bi
wonder girls
baby v.o.x
baby v.o.x re
banana girl
brown eyed girls
epik high
lee jung hyun
uhm jung hwa

Chinese Artist:
jolin tsai
renee chen
ranie yang

Japanese Artist:
hikaru utada
ayumi hamasaki (vintage ayu)
koda kumi
crystal kay
goto maki
morning musume
mika nakashima
mihimaru GT
anna tsuchiya
namie amuro
kanon wakeshima
hangry and angry
ami suzuki
ai otsuka
aira mitsuki
alice nine
an cafe
aqua timez
The Brilliant Green
girl next door
genki rockets
hinoi team
yoko ishida
kana nishino
kaori hirata
kinki kids

Asian Horror Movies are my favorite
i like indie movies
i love 80s movies
i am anti hollywood
i love classic hollywood
like movies from the 40’s and 50’s
joan crawford is my favorite i love her.
along with bette davis
and mitzy ganer
my dvd collection is mostly asian movies
korean dramas and japanese dramas
concert dvds include
garbage,koda kumi,utada,ayumi,lee jung hyun,boa,kill hannah.
well thats about it for me
pretty dull….or awesome!

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