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okay people i went to the jyp 2009 tour……it was something i would never forget.

this show was my 1st and not last asian concert.
i was one of two latinos at the show.
it was pack there were only 3 empty seats in the venue.

Act.1 G-Soul
g-soul is an r&b singer who is working with jyp for 5 or 7 years (i forgot) he only sang one song……just one?
he has a really great voice.i can see him some-what making in to the radio stations and such.

Act.2 J-lim
like g-soul.j-lim is an r&b Artist she also sang one song.”music is my life”i loved it!,the song is a up tempo ballad.this girl can really sang
she is also VERY PRETTY. i got to met her in the loby at the venue

both g-soul and j-lim’s english was good,their akcent was not that thick.

Wonder Girls (Set.1)
W.G opend up with ” i wanna” i myslef love this song.
the dancing was kinda meh.sohee was kinda laging it,but she was sick
to me it kinda looked like 1 or 2 girls were lip syncing.
up next was “so hot” they did this song true.they brought their a game for this one.on to “this fool”….this was kinda blah they didnt dance that much all they did was shake their pom poms and stood in line.”irony” the rocked this song on stage.although once again sohee was kinda slugish.”headache” was okay nothing was rather dull.they ran across the stage (they did that like 4 times)
“good bye” LOVES LOVES LOVES this song
the girls did a great job with this number.they got in to it
“nobody(rainstone remix)’ the girls sang this song in spinning chairs.
the girls show’d some of their strong vocal ranges on this song.

2pm Act.3
these boys cant sing,im sorry girls or boys.
to me they seem like eye candy.they can dance (not the greatest)
there outfits were rather funny looking.they looked like young pimps.

Wonder Girls (Set 2)
the girls were standing next to a piano while one of them was playing
they sang “this time.this was truly a wonderful perfomence.
after “this time” they said a little heart fill speach and went in to “saying i love”.then they walk off stage and they showed a mini movie about the girls.the mini movie was kinda funny it showed what had happend to the girls after they broke up. sohee became america’s hot new idol,yubin became a hip-hop superstar.”yenny” became the 1st lady of korea,”mimi” beacame a great lawyer.
jyp died in the mini movie,jyp had a reading of his will and he left the girls a gift,it was in a box the gift was a beautiful clock.
and they all looked at it like what the fuck?
then some how they transported to a another time when they were still the wonder girls.all t he girls were fight with one another…and poor little sohee was starting to get sad (we all go awwww)
so the girls felt bad and went on stage.
they come back on stage lip synicing to “one night only” -(disco version).then move on to “nobody tango”(inst)
then bam “nobody” they rocked this song,it had everyone standing up and dancing.then their last song was “tell me” EVERY ONE WAS SCREAMING! (even me).

i really dont know any of jyp’s songs so i coldnt tell you if they sucked or not.i liked 2 song’s out of 8 songs he sang
he kept dancing so much i got motion sickness.he brought a girl up from the audience and tied her up to the bed and sang to her
then after he riped off his shirt and slow danced with the girl.
jyp’s lights were blinking so much i got sick.
for jyp last song he started to sing a remix of “tell me” then the girls came out and fisnished the song. the end.

all an all it was a great show for this being my first asian concert
i got to me one of the singers from 2pm.he was nice.


March 9, 2009 - Posted by | Concerts, Reviews


  1. Wow that seems like fun. Im glad you had a great time. I love concerts but i never been to a asian concert. thanks for the inside scoop.

    Comment by Chopper- Hollywood\\\'s Dance Expert | March 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. no biggie man,it was fun!

    Comment by richardkun | March 9, 2009 | Reply

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