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Girls Generation

hey ya’ll this is my review of my favorite girls generation song’s

NOTE::i am not going to rate the songs this time::
NOTE 2::most of these songs are mostly pop-ballads::

“Kissing you”
okay this is the song that got me to like girls generation.
this is a very cute love song.the main beat for this song is kinda disco-ish.”kissing you” is a pop-ballad
i think its a perfect song for your girl friend or boy friend.

yet again another cute love/crush song
granted its another pop-ballad.
but the words are just cute.

“Baby Baby”
this cute little diddy is a cursh song
i really like the words to this song,it sum’s up my school crush’s.
this is a perfect song for a cursh.

“Mabinogi (It’s Fantastic!)”
the lyrics to this song are rather starnge
cause. makes you seem she’s going away.
2.or she’s on her way to the great kingdom in the sky.
any ways i love the vocal range on this song.

“소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation)”
the lyrics are….okay there just strange.
with the opening line like this “The selfish grabber who said I was young
For some reason he told me he loved me and kissed me today”
………..yeah i dont know what to say.
i love the power vocals the lead singer has.

“힘 내! (Way To Go)”
this is one is a mixer of pop and rock
with the guitar riff’s an all……i rwad the lyrics for this song….i dont know if its about love or about changing the world?
anypoo i love this song. yeah i know its kinda of funny i love this sons
but i dont know waht the song means

“다시 만난 세계 (Into the New World)”
okay this is another song the has two meanings
1.walking away from a love
2.or passing away.
either way i love this song.i love the lyrics.
its like a poem.

gee….gee i love this song
this song is a pick me up
its total bubble gum pop at its finest!
ths is yet another cursh song…
total girlie song…….yeah i love it so what!


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