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Son Dam Bi Mini Album Vol.1

here is a review of son’s first mini album.

short electrik music and talking with an voice digital.
pretty cool if you ask me.nothing to heavy and nothing to over the top.

“Bad Boy (Ballad version)”
just a piano is all you need for some songs.
and that is true in this case. son’s voice blends in with the piano very well. although this song very short.i would have love to seen son take on an ballad with out backing beats. it makes me wonder? was she was scared to do it? or does she have what it takes?

this is an up tempo dance track. one of my favorites on this mini album
the beat is clean,its not drowning her out at all. her voice is not alterd that much. this song will make you do the bobble head dance.

this is a slow ballad song, no dance beat at all. thank god i have a ballad that has a dance beat to it.
i myself thinks that this song show case’s her strong vocals
her voice almost seems bare, and to be honest she does have somewhat of a beautiful voice.

“Bad Boy(INST)”
i love this song,its bad ass even with out the lyrics.
this song always has me dancing.

“Bad Boy”
this song is a total dance track.
the music does drown her out at times but you dont notice it. this song is my favorite track on this album.

“입다 질린 옷”
cool pop song,the beat has a steady flow to the song. her voice is not drown out by the back ground music.the beat is very clean and simple.this is one of her better pop songs.


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this is a joint single colab with After School.who son dam bi would have been apart of. this song is for a cell phone that just came out in korea.

this song is an up tempo dance track
son dam bi takes the lead vocals,which kinda drowns out after school
making it her song so to speak.
their voices are so alterd, the backing music is too much
yeah its a dance song. BUT the beat could have been more clean
and their voices would have been more human instead of singing computers.
:NOW NO WAY IM BEING ANTI TO BOTH OF THEM, I AM HUGE FAN OF THEM BOTH: but this song could have been so much better

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a review of miss Rupaul’s “Champion” album
ms. ruru has had middle success with her albums. her first album “Super Model Of The World” was good charted some dance hits. after that album her musical success was at a stand still untill she released “RuPaul Red Hot” that album was one of her highest seeling albums
with the sound of pure dance music. but now the drag champion is back home, with a very successful tv show and new dance album.

“Main Event”
this is the opening song, a slow ballad with a dance beat to match it
the song starts to pick up after the one minute mark of the song.
miss ruru still has the chop’s you can hear how strong her voice is.

“Jealous Of My Boogie”
this song is one of my favorites on this album
this song addresses the haters and lookers
yes we know were fly,no need to stare is the message for this song
this is an uber dance track, although her voice is alittle too synth for me.

“Cover Girl”
this song will bring out the diva in you!
this song is a reminder of her first hit single “super model of the world (you better work)” this song was the main runway song for rupaul’s drage race. this song will make you want to work the runway!

“Tranny Chaser”
this song is for the “Queens” of the world
this song has some very funny lyrics. this will make you smile when your feeling down.its just that funny.

this song is one of my favorite jams on here
cause it has a hint of j-pop in here but more like j-dance
this song was inspiered by a drag queen on her show “Ongina” was her name. this song is in my eyes the best song on here
cause it does not drown out her voice and its well blended.

this song is an upper, by that i mean this song will make you stand tall to the troubles you are having. this is a dance song but the message is loud and clear. “dont give up, stand your ground”

“Never Go Home Again”
this song is dark and sad something i am not use to seeing from ms.ruru. from the tell of this song she had a hard childhood.
the dance music starts to pick up at the end. but not alot.

“Destiny Is Mine”
this song is okay-ish i mean its not like “holy shit” but okay
like the others this too is a dance song, who knew right?
this song really doesnt any lyrics to it.

“Let’s Turn the Night”
this song is my other favorite jam on this album
the beat is simple and she come’s in more clearly.
its a mid slow tempo dance song….well not dance more like chill out

“Devil Made Me Do It”
thanks to this song, i have a new saying now “devil made me do it”
like some of her songs….her voice is too alterd.
this song has a 90s esq dance feel to it.

“Theme from “Drag Race””
this song i really dont care for it
but then i do,cause some of the lyrics scream kylie minogue like “make it pop lock” as the title says its the theme to drag race.

“Throw Ya Hands Up (With Lady Bunny)”
sorry for that,this is my uber favorite song from this album
cause it has that funny bunny, Lady Bunny
i was shock and amazed of the high note she can sing i mean really.
this song is thee dance party song! enough said!

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a review of Koda Kumi’s new single “3 SPLASH” its a triple sided single meaning all 3 songs on this is single is a lead single. kumiko is known for her sexy dance move’s and fly gear and crazy ass nails. kumi is one of my few favorite j-pop singers to this day. she has the urban pop and pop sound. okay enough of the intro. time for the reviews

“Lick ME”
cute little pop song, to me it sounds like an ending theam to a anime
its an up tempo pop song.
this song is very poppy………i dont like it, im use to hearing kumi’s urban music
i will admit that this song is catchy and if i play it enough it will grow on me.

okay here we go!
this song is pretty bad ass now this is the kumi i know and love.
its an low tempo dance song. the beat is very simple and enjoy abel
this song will make you sawy to the beat. and it will make you say “give me ecstasy”
great song.!!

this song has more of a rockfeel from the other two songs
to be honest its not one of her best works.
i dont know what to say about this song. SORRY!

out of this single “ECSTASY” is the strong single in here
it kinda blocks out the other two songs.

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a review of Leah Dizon Second album “Communication!!!”
this is leah’s better album. her first one was okay. but this one was more. better music,so so lyrics
she has grown from her first album and it show’s in this album. i will admit, she’s not the greatest singer in the world. but she tried. leah is not famous for singing. she’s famous for soft core porn pictures. as of now, leah is mamma and working on two tracks for a video game soundtrack. dont know if thats true or not. okay time for the review.

“step into my world”
this song is an up tempo dance pop song. has a steady back beat that never changes.
i myself think its catchy as heck. but this song has its down side. the music over power’s her voice she and seems like she’s tring to compete with the back ground music. her voice does have some strong points the song. namely two parts to be exact.

“Love Paradax”
this song has more of an urban pop feel to it, and also its a cover song.
this one is one of my favorites. “dont need no one, no time for love” i love that line.
this song will have you do the bobble head dance.Leah’s vocal’s are pretty good in this number but yet again something is working against her voice. its a synth nosie this time. i love this song.

“love sweet candy”
this song is a dance hall song,it also have a tropical feel to it. like the kind of song they would play at an island party. this song has a really steady beat. its some what catchy.
upbeat song that will kinda raise your spearits.

“without a goodbye”
now we go into a power ballad.this song is very deep
this song has a guitar as a steady can almost feel the emotion she’s feeling
when she sing. i love myself love this song but then again i love a good ballad.
this song brings me to tears. cause i can relate to this song.
this song is a must for ballad lovers.

this song is an uptempo pop song, this song is too much by that i mean so much background really drown’s out her voice,this sone reminds me of prince why i dont know.and i like prince.this song is just bad. all together.

“nothing to lose”
back to the urban dance pop again. this song is western feel
her voice really blends well into the music. this song would get air play here in the states.
leah needs to do more songs like this one. uber catchy song. one of my favorites.

this song kinda has like a retro feel to it like it was made in the 90s
this song is an dance pop song. the music really drowns out her voice. you can just hear her sing the hooks and thats about it. bad song.

“lost at sea”
yet another ballad,and might i add not a bad either.
she really cut into this one deep. lyric wise its a really good song. and as for music wise its not bad but not great either.this song would have been better with out the back up vocals in the back ground. i myslef loves this song.

“not too bad”
back to the urban pop song. much like her other urban pop song.her voice fits well in this song. the beat is sampled from an old school. i dont remember the name of the song.this song will have you dancing in your seat.

the title? i have no idea what it stands for, this song is ahem i guess rock?
it have a heavy guitar riff and drums going on as well
leah sing’s rather fast in this. but like alway the music drowns out her voice….bad.
i think she was tring to channel the first lady of j-rock anna tuschiya. not a smart move by leah. okay song

“under the same sky”
we move on to another ballad and i might i add her finest one yet.
they melody is great,but heavy with the backing nosie. her voice is is well fitted for this song.
the noise factor for this song is lower then her other ballads you can hear her voice well. its not hidden or crossed over with the back beats. if leah continues with ballads like these she might do all for herself. LOVES THIS SONG

“thank you”
this is song is an up tempo ballad with a beat the you can sawy too.
the harp melody is a nice touch it add’s a curtin ommph to it.
like always her vocals is crossed over with the back ground music.
although her vocals are stronge in this song. all an all its a good song

this album is my favorite leah album. she’s grown from her first album and it show’s with these ballad’s and urban pop songs. although she could have taken some of these songs off the album and put in some remixs or something. thanks for reading

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A REVIEW of KARA’s SONG “Same Heart”
like always the cute concept is their thing.
this song is an up beat summer song,not dance at all.more like driving around music.
its cute.their voice’s blend beautifuly in this song. what more can i say?
i mean really? thats all i have to say about this song.

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a short review of sori’s new single “disco party 1982”
its been some time for this lady to drop a new single,her last one was “real lips”
she’s been on the tv circut covering other people’s songs and workng with new artist. like e.via.
she is also fallowing the retro concept like everyone else.

this single has two songs “boy boy” and a remix of “boy boy”

i’ll start with the remix
i love remixs i am a huge remix slut, but this remix was rather sorry. its more like an ints.version
some singing but mostly the back beat is the main factor here. not a good remix at all.

okay now for the original version,much better it contains a simple disco dance beat to it,less is always more.which is true for this song. this song will have you humming the lyrcs.simple yet catchy.

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Type B-Back To The 80’s

a short review for Son Dam Bi’s album “Type B”

son’s debut album is a mixter of freestyle,80’s dance and some ballads
she is known as he female rain. yes she can sing,dance and now she is acting in a her first drama.
okay enough about that

okay music wise this album is good.
good blend of dance and ballads.
some of the songs show case her vocals which is not bad, but not out of this world either. its above mediokar. but her two mini album’s are kinda better then this album.meaning she could have put some of those b-sides on this album. some of the ballads on this album are okay.
ill be honest she needs to stick with the dance songs.i dont think her voice is strong enough for the ballads. she also has two remix tracks on this album. i myself think she should have kept the original versions of the songs. all an all this album is grood,if your looking for a good dance/freestyle album this is the one to get

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brown eyed girls or simply b.e.g has come out with “candy man” an american singer by the name of christina aguilera has the same name of “candyman”

“Candy man”
for this song they went with a very simple electro pop song beat.
they harmony is amazing…..i’ll be frank this single is not at their best.
it could have been better. like i said their voice’s are amazing. this single is not.

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