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My Top 10 Songs (Asian)

Some of these songs are from korean,chinese and japanese artist
(there are going to be some remixs as well)

1.)SNSD/Girls-“소원을 말해봐 (Genie)”=”Tell Me Your Wish Genie”.
the girls shed their cute iamgine for a more sexy one
i wouldnt really call this a dance song,but its the type of song you can bump in the streets.

2.)After School-“Diva”
this group is the korean pussy catdolls only with more talent
this song is catchy,it plant its slef in your head and be stcuk on repeat
all day.this is a dance song at its finest.

3.)Lee Jung Hyun-“CRAZY”
i have been a fan of hyuny’s for a long time,she is korea’s trance/dance queen.with her new mini album “Avaholic”
that is a blast of her old sound
crazy is a great dance/club track.

4.)Koda Kumi-“TABOO”
this is a total club banger
this song is charged with fat beats and great rythm
very dancy.

5.)Koda Kumi-“Lady Go!”
this is more of an up beat pop song
perfect for driving,i think this song is j-pop at its finest.

6.)Leah Dizon-“Under The Same Sky”
this song is some what of a downer and yet its also beautiful
the softy melodies they use syncs with her voice.

7.)ravex-“Believe in LOVE feat. BoA”
this is an excellent relaxing song,its like an up beat chill out song. perfect for kicking back.

8.)Ami Suzuki-“Can’t Stop The Disco”
its ami suzuki enough,its a trance dance song.

9.)Cyrstal Kay-“One”
this is an up beat pop song,that was an anime song for pokemon movie

10.)ravex-“HOUSE NATION feat. LISA”
classic 90’s house esq song. this song is a must for house lovers.


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