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Type B-Back To The 80’s

a short review for Son Dam Bi’s album “Type B”

son’s debut album is a mixter of freestyle,80’s dance and some ballads
she is known as he female rain. yes she can sing,dance and now she is acting in a her first drama.
okay enough about that

okay music wise this album is good.
good blend of dance and ballads.
some of the songs show case her vocals which is not bad, but not out of this world either. its above mediokar. but her two mini album’s are kinda better then this album.meaning she could have put some of those b-sides on this album. some of the ballads on this album are okay.
ill be honest she needs to stick with the dance songs.i dont think her voice is strong enough for the ballads. she also has two remix tracks on this album. i myself think she should have kept the original versions of the songs. all an all this album is grood,if your looking for a good dance/freestyle album this is the one to get


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