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a review of Koda Kumi’s new single “3 SPLASH” its a triple sided single meaning all 3 songs on this is single is a lead single. kumiko is known for her sexy dance move’s and fly gear and crazy ass nails. kumi is one of my few favorite j-pop singers to this day. she has the urban pop and pop sound. okay enough of the intro. time for the reviews

“Lick ME”
cute little pop song, to me it sounds like an ending theam to a anime
its an up tempo pop song.
this song is very poppy………i dont like it, im use to hearing kumi’s urban music
i will admit that this song is catchy and if i play it enough it will grow on me.

okay here we go!
this song is pretty bad ass now this is the kumi i know and love.
its an low tempo dance song. the beat is very simple and enjoy abel
this song will make you sawy to the beat. and it will make you say “give me ecstasy”
great song.!!

this song has more of a rockfeel from the other two songs
to be honest its not one of her best works.
i dont know what to say about this song. SORRY!

out of this single “ECSTASY” is the strong single in here
it kinda blocks out the other two songs.


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