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a review of miss Rupaul’s “Champion” album
ms. ruru has had middle success with her albums. her first album “Super Model Of The World” was good charted some dance hits. after that album her musical success was at a stand still untill she released “RuPaul Red Hot” that album was one of her highest seeling albums
with the sound of pure dance music. but now the drag champion is back home, with a very successful tv show and new dance album.

“Main Event”
this is the opening song, a slow ballad with a dance beat to match it
the song starts to pick up after the one minute mark of the song.
miss ruru still has the chop’s you can hear how strong her voice is.

“Jealous Of My Boogie”
this song is one of my favorites on this album
this song addresses the haters and lookers
yes we know were fly,no need to stare is the message for this song
this is an uber dance track, although her voice is alittle too synth for me.

“Cover Girl”
this song will bring out the diva in you!
this song is a reminder of her first hit single “super model of the world (you better work)” this song was the main runway song for rupaul’s drage race. this song will make you want to work the runway!

“Tranny Chaser”
this song is for the “Queens” of the world
this song has some very funny lyrics. this will make you smile when your feeling down.its just that funny.

this song is one of my favorite jams on here
cause it has a hint of j-pop in here but more like j-dance
this song was inspiered by a drag queen on her show “Ongina” was her name. this song is in my eyes the best song on here
cause it does not drown out her voice and its well blended.

this song is an upper, by that i mean this song will make you stand tall to the troubles you are having. this is a dance song but the message is loud and clear. “dont give up, stand your ground”

“Never Go Home Again”
this song is dark and sad something i am not use to seeing from ms.ruru. from the tell of this song she had a hard childhood.
the dance music starts to pick up at the end. but not alot.

“Destiny Is Mine”
this song is okay-ish i mean its not like “holy shit” but okay
like the others this too is a dance song, who knew right?
this song really doesnt any lyrics to it.

“Let’s Turn the Night”
this song is my other favorite jam on this album
the beat is simple and she come’s in more clearly.
its a mid slow tempo dance song….well not dance more like chill out

“Devil Made Me Do It”
thanks to this song, i have a new saying now “devil made me do it”
like some of her songs….her voice is too alterd.
this song has a 90s esq dance feel to it.

“Theme from “Drag Race””
this song i really dont care for it
but then i do,cause some of the lyrics scream kylie minogue like “make it pop lock” as the title says its the theme to drag race.

“Throw Ya Hands Up (With Lady Bunny)”
sorry for that,this is my uber favorite song from this album
cause it has that funny bunny, Lady Bunny
i was shock and amazed of the high note she can sing i mean really.
this song is thee dance party song! enough said!


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