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Son Dam Bi Mini Album Vol.1

here is a review of son’s first mini album.

short electrik music and talking with an voice digital.
pretty cool if you ask me.nothing to heavy and nothing to over the top.

“Bad Boy (Ballad version)”
just a piano is all you need for some songs.
and that is true in this case. son’s voice blends in with the piano very well. although this song very short.i would have love to seen son take on an ballad with out backing beats. it makes me wonder? was she was scared to do it? or does she have what it takes?

this is an up tempo dance track. one of my favorites on this mini album
the beat is clean,its not drowning her out at all. her voice is not alterd that much. this song will make you do the bobble head dance.

this is a slow ballad song, no dance beat at all. thank god i have a ballad that has a dance beat to it.
i myself thinks that this song show case’s her strong vocals
her voice almost seems bare, and to be honest she does have somewhat of a beautiful voice.

“Bad Boy(INST)”
i love this song,its bad ass even with out the lyrics.
this song always has me dancing.

“Bad Boy”
this song is a total dance track.
the music does drown her out at times but you dont notice it. this song is my favorite track on this album.

“입다 질린 옷”
cool pop song,the beat has a steady flow to the song. her voice is not drown out by the back ground music.the beat is very clean and simple.this is one of her better pop songs.


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this is a joint single colab with After School.who son dam bi would have been apart of. this song is for a cell phone that just came out in korea.

this song is an up tempo dance track
son dam bi takes the lead vocals,which kinda drowns out after school
making it her song so to speak.
their voices are so alterd, the backing music is too much
yeah its a dance song. BUT the beat could have been more clean
and their voices would have been more human instead of singing computers.
:NOW NO WAY IM BEING ANTI TO BOTH OF THEM, I AM HUGE FAN OF THEM BOTH: but this song could have been so much better

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