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Electropop Therapy

This is a special review for me, cause first this is one of the very few american artist i love. and second she’s a friend of mine. who is making her way to the music bizz. she has an Ep out called “Electropop Therapy” and a single called “1 U Luv” on Itunes. her name is Chiki. her style i original. her outfits and make up is out of this world. Chiki is one of a kind and is a breath of fresh air to the pop world!

“Too Much Funn”
is an electro pop song.
this song will have you humming along.
this is one of my favorites.
this song is uptempo pop song almost border line dance song
the music does not drown her voice at all.
the back vocals are there but not as strong as some artist have it where it over power’s the main vocals.

“Never Look Down”
okay this song is a dance number not so heavy on the dance beat.
the drums were a nice touch in the song.
this song is an absolute favorite!!
this song is really catchy. the lyrics are great abit on the silly side but i love it. almost at the end of the song. it gets real festive. oh eveyone going dance crazy!

“Fox In The Garden”
this song is an slow tempo pop song.
easy to sway to. the song has more of a carnieval feel to it
this has got to be one of the best slow tempo pop song’s i’ve heard in a long time.

back to the dance pop music
this song will make you dance in your seat
it will also have you singing along with it as well
this is an uptempo pop song
the backing music is not bad. its clean and the vocals are strong
this song show’s the power range Chiki has with her vocals.

for more info on chiki
visit her website at


August 4, 2009 - Posted by | Music, Reviews |


  1. Never heard of her, but I’ll give her a listen 😀

    Nyah you need to hang out with me sometime. I’ve been dressing like that since I was about 14, I believe.

    Comment by .nodame. | August 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. thanks that means alot.
    are you kidding i would love to hang out with you!
    we would have fun

    Comment by richardkun | August 31, 2009 | Reply

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