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Son Dam Bi Mini Album Vol. 2

a review of Son’s second mini album

“Are You Crazy feat. Eric”
some what of a dance song,the beat is simple and clean her voice come’s in clearly. this is an up tempo pop song. the “Rapping” part was a mice touch to the song. this song will have you bumping your head along to the beat.

“Invisible Person”
this is a slow ballad, just her and a piano are the key factors for this song. this song show case’s her singing ability. with out the help of a digitalizer for her voice. now if son could do more song’s like this. i think she will be set.

“No Sympathy”
yet another ballad but she went with an up tempo beat for the song. this song almost has an 80’s feel to it. the beat is clean so once again she comes in clearly. this track is my favorite track form this album.
the melody is soft and yet has a steady flow with her voice.

were back to the dance beats and synth’s hooks.
this is an up tempo dance track.this is my second favorite track from this album. the beat is some what messy at times the backing music and vocals atend to over laps her voice.


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