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Lies Mini Album

a short intro about T-ara.
tara is a new girl group from korea.
there was already a buzz about them before they debuted on a radio station before a tv show. which was kinda dumb.
tara is a 6 member girl group.

“Lies (Part I)”
this song starts off with a ballad feel to it, but that quickly fades away into a disco infused dance beat.
the beat is very clean the backing music doesnt clash with the backing vocals. their voice blend really good togther. which is good cause not alot of new or old girl groups can pull that off
i hate to say this,but t-ara reminds me of a younger version of “Jewelry”. this song will have you swaying to the beat.

“Lies (part II)”
i think this is like the radio edit verson, cause the soulful intro is gone. and the song is shorter. the rapping at the is extended.

“Wanna Play”
the rap intro is reeks of 2NE1’s CL
to me they were trying to sound like everyother girl group that is out
the beat is a western feel, but it is catchy! that i will admit.
the beat will have you bobbing your to the beat. their voice are clean cut for this track.

“Lies (Ballad Version)
i was hoping for a real ballad version of this song, well looks like im still going to have to wait. cause this version is no ballad at all, they got rid of the dance beat but kept the backing beat. there’s no real change just its not dance-able. and they kept the rap part in the end of the song. oy!!!!!


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