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2 Revolution

kara is back with a new album and they are kicking ass, i myslef cant stop listening to this album
they shed their cute image with a more grown up look and sound from pop to dance.

this is a pop dance song. to me it seems that their vocals have gotten stronger
the beat is simple it does not drown them out. they come in clear and clean. this song is one of my favorites on this album. good vocals, clean dance beats and acking muisc.

this is thier lead single from the album, they made such a buzz about the new sound they did instead of their pop. thisis a good song, but it is still a pop song, but its more of a dance pop sound.
this song is real catchy, it has my dancing to it. kara picked a good song to start off with. the only flaw is that there is too much backing music. it kinda clashes with thier vocals. none the less a great song.

this is an pop ballad,not too shabby its clean and clear not to much backing music to over lap their vocals.
out of all of their pop ballads this one is my favorite.
this song really show cases their singing abilities. this song is the perfect date music to play in your car or home. the semi rap is not too bad either. the title lives up to the name. cause this song is turly magic.

like “magic” this is a pop ballad but, sadly it didnt have the magic of “magic” the song is an okay song.
sounds like their stuff from the “pretty girl” album. this song is lackluster at best.

“Let It Go”
this is a dance song……or a stripper song?
this song is very seductive.this song is my other fvorite song on this album. the beat is very clean no over laping with the vocals. the song could have done with out the rapping. this song also shows their vocal ranges.

“Take A Bow”
this song is an uptempo pop song, now this song really reminds me of “Pretty Girl” i think they used the same as p.g. thier vocals seems to be off in this song, the backing music is kinda messy. not one of their better tracks on this album.

this is another uptempo pop song, to me this song sounds like it was made in the 80’s
it comes off sounding like a madonna song (well to me at least)this track is my other other favorite song on this album. he beat is simple and clean the vocals are okay in this track. not off like the song before this one. the song is catchy and will have you singing along. its cute song.

“Same Heart”
well since i already reviewed it i wont bore you with the same thoughts about this song

“Wanna (inst) and Magic (inst)” close out to this album.
all an all this album is some of their better work.


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