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my song list of 2009

hey people i know im a tad late with making a song list for 09 well better late then never right?

“Diva” By After School
this song is a happy up beat dance pop song.
this song would always make me smile, i use to/still do play this song so much that i got my friend to love it.
she had duded it ” Mah jam”

“Because of you” By After School
this is a slow pop ballad, this song is some what bitter sweet for me cause i can relate to this song
this song is part of my rainy day ipod mix.

“KISS KISS KISS” By Ami Suzuki
my favorite dance queen of the jtek scene came back this year with two singles
i love this song cause A.) its some what dancey and B.) the lyrics are really cute.

“Reincarnation” by Ami Suzuki
this was the single that came out before “kiss kiss kiss” this is house dance song
with funky beats and vocal wise was some what everywhere.
i love this song cause it was something different. no autotune. unlike her other singles which she uses often.

“Crazy World Feat. AI” by Anna Tsuchiya
this song is badass, Anna came back with some stronger lyrics and funky beats
AI’s part was really excellent. kudos to them both

“Bubble Trip” by Anna Tsuchiya
probably one of my favorite pop rock songs
i love the words to this song, i can not sing this song without smiling.

“Yes i”m in love” by BADA
love love this song, such a great dance track. her vocals are awesome!

“Mad” by BADA
another great pop dance song, but she hardly sings in this song…well in my eyes

“Dilemma” by BADA
i love this song cause it sounds like a song i use to love as a kid. this song has an 80s retro feel to it
and being a product of the 80s i quickly fell in love with song.

“GO!” by Baek Ji-Young
i came across this singer by accident, i figuered “eh what the hell”
after the first minute it was safe to say it was love at first listen.

“Ear Candy” by Baek Ji-Young
this song is somewhat sexy, theres just something erotic about this song.
this song belongs in my other ipod mix 😉 a mood setter

“SIGN/ SOUND G ALBUM” by Brown Eyed Girls
i am such a huge fan of BEG its not even funny
so its safe to say i loved everything they put out in 09.

“Please Don’t Go” by CL & Minzy
the girls of 2NE1 each did their own solos some where good well okay all of them were really good
but this pair…..hate to say it but they can do just fine without the other half of 2ne1.
this is a funky dance

“8282” by Davichi
so far this song has been one of my top picks in the songs of 09
this song is an excellent blend of ballad and pop dance. these singers have amazing vocals and its just wow.

“My Man” by Davichi
this another one of my favorites of 09, lovely pop song.
the lyrics are catchy and simple.

“Gee” by SNSD/Girls’ Generation
this song is really infectous, i mean really this is pop at its finest.

“Genie” by SNSD/Girls’ Generation
the girls took a different concept for this song and it was hot and awesome. this little number is a pop dance song with catch hooks and clean vocals.


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