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Meeting Utada

yesterday i made my way to hollywood california
to me Hikaru Utada
the line was long as hell
i was glad it turnd out like that.
met some nice people.
everynody brough their cd as well i did,cause it said that there was a we stood in line all day got in the make up store.
it was packed but i mange to make my way to the front
i was sporting a “Team Utada” shirt so see could see
she talked to some chick from KIIS Fm
and introduce some songs. (this was a listening party,introduce the whole album!)she sang snipts of “Apple And Cinnamon” “Me Meuro”
and “Poppin'”
then they took questions from the crowd my friend and the people bhinde me were screaming and point at me so they can ask me
they didnt thye over looked me
‘the people bhinde me were cool as fuck,i hope i run in to them again!
so they told us to form two lines so we could take our picture with her
i took out my “Ultra Blue”album and a sharpe so she could sign it.
they took my camera and took my picture and told me she cant sign it.
i shook her hand and it was life less,she didnt talk to her fans
she was cold and jus kept to her self……….i was like wtf?
so they gave us this “Sign” poster of hikki
for all i know some one else worte it.
she was so unfriendly
i’ve been to other signings and they were so nice giving hugs and firm hand shakes…….
as a die hard fan…….it hurt alot
on ch.5 she was nice and humble
i guess she’s two different people then
i started to cry after we got out.
cause i was mad and hurt.
how could she act like that with her fans?
we made her.
alot of people said the same thing about her
unfriendly,cold,did not talk with fans.
everyone who came to see hikki walked out with a disapointed face.
everyone is saying dont blame her blame the store…….
i blame both
hikki has the power to say “hey wait a min,these are my fans let me talk to them” but sadly she did not do that.
the store crew were rude.pushing out the store and such.
i thought meeting hikki would be awesome
i was wrong i see hikki in a different light now
she seemd like i dont need to be here i have japan to fall back on.
like i said the whole thing was just heartbreaking.
and now she just sent out a letter of apology
i’ve read it……i feel it was’nt sincere.
thats how i really feel.


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Asian Music

i lovve asian music!!!!!!!!!!
big deal to each their own right?
i am gettting alot of shit because i love asian music
the most common statement i hear is “you’re not asian”
“dont act like you understand it”

whats wrong with like different music?
if i listend to french pop (which i love) would they still give me shit?
see here’s the thing….i do understand it not at first
but if i really love it
ill look up the lyrics and translations
i dont care
but now that im learning japanese/korean/chinese is kinda easier for me.
sorry about this rant!

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Remakes Part 2

Bands Today Think They Have The Honor of remaking or should i say butchering classic’s
why is that they are ruining classics i grew up listening to these songs
what gives them the right to do so?
just because there popular?
cause thousands of screaming tweens love them?
its just aweful,when you hear it
i know i’ve done this “why in the fuck did they cover that song”
it all comes down to what i’ve been saying
people are not original
yes i know there are some great covers and i know most of the i probly have.but thats not the point
the point i am trrying to make is…….STOP BUTCHERING CLASSICS!

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Remakes Part 1

why does everything have to be raped (sorry if you take ofense of the word)movies,music.
i am getting sick on how everything is being remade
from classic 80’s cartoons to show’s yes 80’s sitcoms
i am going to make a list on the movies that are being remade
(some of these movies are asian too)
“Rosemarry’s Baby”
“A Nightmare On Elm Street”
“Friday The 13th”
“Childern Of The Corn”
“The Uninvited”
“The Eye 2”
“Ghost World”
“Rocky Horror Picture Show”
These Are Movies That Hollywood Want to Ruin.

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Music Today

Why is american music crappy?
is that artist today are fake plastic copys of someone else?
why they cant be original?
is it a sin?
is it against the law?
whats wrong with being you?
i look at these artist today….i am alost for words
i am starting to turn my back on american music
in my itunes there is about 10% of american music
and the rest is asian
to me it seems the asian artist is true to them selfs
they write their own music,lyrics and arrangments.

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