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Lupin (3rd mini)

yes yes i know its been FOOOOOORRRRR EVER since my last real review
so to kick things off i am reviewing KARA’s new mini album. kara has kick major ass with their second album “2 Revolution”
they took over the music stages with their “mister butt dance” their last album was really good. had some hits “mister” Wanna”. after their second album they took a breather and regrouped and came up with a new concept for their new mini album “Lupin”. sleek and sexy. well with out further apu. here we go

“Tasty Love”
this song is an ultra cutsey bubble pop song.
to me it sounds like the intro for an RPG game or a girlie anime show
its its a simple steady beat. vocals are great clean and clear. the backing music is not that strong to cover their vocals.
i rate this song a 2 1/2 out of 5 (not my cup of tea, its just too cute)

nyahhhhh i love this song so much!!!
they used trumpets in this song! Cool!!.
this song is a strong dance track that will have you swaying your hips from side to side.
such a great idea to have this song as their lead single.
the video could be alot better but hey hot dancinf girls is fine by me (am i right guys “and some girls”)?
ill be honest i didnt think they have strong vocals but i was wrong and this song showed me how wrong i was.
this song is a must if you love dance music. i rate this a 5 out of 5!

no its not riri’s song, thats what i thought too.
this song is uptempo pop song. kinda with a faster beat then “Tastey Love”
their harmony is bleended well together. but i will say this…. i kinda dont care for this song once again its just too cute.
and again this song sounds like an anime intro.
i rate this song a 3 out of 5

the beat is slower in this song, some auto tune in this song.
which is a bummer! but hey its whats in right now (which i wish it was out)
this song somewhat reminds me of an island jam. i can see cute fishes and animals sing along to this song.
the lyrics are really really cute. (again)
another cute song. i rate this song a 3 out of 5

and now the only ballad on this album
i love it cause it so beat less and it really focuses on their vocals instead of cute/dance music that they use.
it has that R & B 90s grasp to it. (which the 90s had the best R&B jams)
this is a good song. i love it.
i rate this song a 5 out of 5.

so over all “Lupin and Lonely” were the best songs on this mini album. (in my eyes)
all the songs were too cutesy and kinda cheesey. but im sure the girl fans will love it.
i would recamend “Lupin” just the song itself


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my song list of 2009

hey people i know im a tad late with making a song list for 09 well better late then never right?

“Diva” By After School
this song is a happy up beat dance pop song.
this song would always make me smile, i use to/still do play this song so much that i got my friend to love it.
she had duded it ” Mah jam”

“Because of you” By After School
this is a slow pop ballad, this song is some what bitter sweet for me cause i can relate to this song
this song is part of my rainy day ipod mix.

“KISS KISS KISS” By Ami Suzuki
my favorite dance queen of the jtek scene came back this year with two singles
i love this song cause A.) its some what dancey and B.) the lyrics are really cute.

“Reincarnation” by Ami Suzuki
this was the single that came out before “kiss kiss kiss” this is house dance song
with funky beats and vocal wise was some what everywhere.
i love this song cause it was something different. no autotune. unlike her other singles which she uses often.

“Crazy World Feat. AI” by Anna Tsuchiya
this song is badass, Anna came back with some stronger lyrics and funky beats
AI’s part was really excellent. kudos to them both

“Bubble Trip” by Anna Tsuchiya
probably one of my favorite pop rock songs
i love the words to this song, i can not sing this song without smiling.

“Yes i”m in love” by BADA
love love this song, such a great dance track. her vocals are awesome!

“Mad” by BADA
another great pop dance song, but she hardly sings in this song…well in my eyes

“Dilemma” by BADA
i love this song cause it sounds like a song i use to love as a kid. this song has an 80s retro feel to it
and being a product of the 80s i quickly fell in love with song.

“GO!” by Baek Ji-Young
i came across this singer by accident, i figuered “eh what the hell”
after the first minute it was safe to say it was love at first listen.

“Ear Candy” by Baek Ji-Young
this song is somewhat sexy, theres just something erotic about this song.
this song belongs in my other ipod mix ๐Ÿ˜‰ a mood setter

“SIGN/ SOUND G ALBUM” by Brown Eyed Girls
i am such a huge fan of BEG its not even funny
so its safe to say i loved everything they put out in 09.

“Please Don’t Go” by CL & Minzy
the girls of 2NE1 each did their own solos some where good well okay all of them were really good
but this pair…..hate to say it but they can do just fine without the other half of 2ne1.
this is a funky dance

“8282” by Davichi
so far this song has been one of my top picks in the songs of 09
this song is an excellent blend of ballad and pop dance. these singers have amazing vocals and its just wow.

“My Man” by Davichi
this another one of my favorites of 09, lovely pop song.
the lyrics are catchy and simple.

“Gee” by SNSD/Girls’ Generation
this song is really infectous, i mean really this is pop at its finest.

“Genie” by SNSD/Girls’ Generation
the girls took a different concept for this song and it was hot and awesome. this little number is a pop dance song with catch hooks and clean vocals.

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2 Revolution

kara is back with a new album and they are kicking ass, i myslef cant stop listening to this album
they shed their cute image with a more grown up look and sound from pop to dance.

this is a pop dance song. to me it seems that their vocals have gotten stronger
the beat is simple it does not drown them out. they come in clear and clean. this song is one of my favorites on this album. good vocals, clean dance beats and acking muisc.

this is thier lead single from the album, they made such a buzz about the new sound they did instead of their pop. thisis a good song, but it is still a pop song, but its more of a dance pop sound.
this song is real catchy, it has my dancing to it. kara picked a good song to start off with. the only flaw is that there is too much backing music. it kinda clashes with thier vocals. none the less a great song.

this is an pop ballad,not too shabby its clean and clear not to much backing music to over lap their vocals.
out of all of their pop ballads this one is my favorite.
this song really show cases their singing abilities. this song is the perfect date music to play in your car or home. the semi rap is not too bad either. the title lives up to the name. cause this song is turly magic.

like “magic” this is a pop ballad but, sadly it didnt have the magic of “magic” the song is an okay song.
sounds like their stuff from the “pretty girl” album. this song is lackluster at best.

“Let It Go”
this is a dance song……or a stripper song?
this song is very seductive.this song is my other fvorite song on this album. the beat is very clean no over laping with the vocals. the song could have done with out the rapping. this song also shows their vocal ranges.

“Take A Bow”
this song is an uptempo pop song, now this song really reminds me of “Pretty Girl” i think they used the same as p.g. thier vocals seems to be off in this song, the backing music is kinda messy. not one of their better tracks on this album.

this is another uptempo pop song, to me this song sounds like it was made in the 80’s
it comes off sounding like a madonna song (well to me at least)this track is my other other favorite song on this album. he beat is simple and clean the vocals are okay in this track. not off like the song before this one. the song is catchy and will have you singing along. its cute song.

“Same Heart”
well since i already reviewed it i wont bore you with the same thoughts about this song

“Wanna (inst) and Magic (inst)” close out to this album.
all an all this album is some of their better work.

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flying girls is a new pop girl group, honestly i dont know much about them so here’s what i found about them
“Flying Girl’s is a new female trio consisting of Ga Young, Ji Soo, and Gina. Among the members Ga Young has appeared in the movie Bronze Medalist starring Kim Bum Soo, while Ji Soo can be seen in the SBS TV drama City Hall starring Kim Sun Ah.
The debut mini album by Flying Girl’s features guest music artists like Oh Seung Eun who has composed songs for Girlfriends, Brown Eyed Girls, and Sung Eun, as well as Blue Spring member/composer Kim Chang Rak. Furthermore, JQ who earlier worked as rap artist for SHINee and EZ-Life, also contributed to this anticipated release. The Flying Girl’s’ first mini album features five tracks”

“Girl’s Hot”
this is their debut lead single, an up tempo dance pop song
it has like a summer jam feel to it. this song has a hint of brown eyed girls beat to it…..well not hint it does has their beat. the beat came from brown eyed girls song “YOU” this song feature’s rapper Myrio (i forget how to spell her name) from brown eyed girls.
this song is catchy, vocals are smooth and blend well together through out the entire song.
the beat is fairly clean and simple. all an all its an okay song.

“๋”ํ•˜๊ธฐ ๋นผ๊ธฐ”
this song is more mellow pop song, like their lead single the beat is clean and simple as well.
this song show’s their vocal range from dance pop to mellow pop.
their vocals are some what strong. shocking since all the new gril groups are not strong vocaly from the start.

this song as well is a uptempo pop song..we know how to spell love…why must they spell it for us “L.O.V.E”
is this an shout out to B.E.G? cause they had song called “L.O.V.E” maybe? what do you think?
this song is their weakest link on their mini album.

“Girls Hot (inst. version)”

and “๋”ํ•˜๊ธฐ ๋นผ๊ธฐ (Instrumental)” are the closers for the mini album

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Lies Mini Album

a short intro about T-ara.
tara is a new girl group from korea.
there was already a buzz about them before they debuted on a radio station before a tv show. which was kinda dumb.
tara is a 6 member girl group.

“Lies (Part I)”
this song starts off with a ballad feel to it, but that quickly fades away into a disco infused dance beat.
the beat is very clean the backing music doesnt clash with the backing vocals. their voice blend really good togther. which is good cause not alot of new or old girl groups can pull that off
i hate to say this,but t-ara reminds me of a younger version of “Jewelry”. this song will have you swaying to the beat.

“Lies (part II)”
i think this is like the radio edit verson, cause the soulful intro is gone. and the song is shorter. the rapping at the is extended.

“Wanna Play”
the rap intro is reeks of 2NE1’s CL
to me they were trying to sound like everyother girl group that is out
the beat is a western feel, but it is catchy! that i will admit.
the beat will have you bobbing your to the beat. their voice are clean cut for this track.

“Lies (Ballad Version)
i was hoping for a real ballad version of this song, well looks like im still going to have to wait. cause this version is no ballad at all, they got rid of the dance beat but kept the backing beat. there’s no real change just its not dance-able. and they kept the rap part in the end of the song. oy!!!!!

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Son Dam Bi Mini Album Vol. 2

a review of Son’s second mini album

“Are You Crazy feat. Eric”
some what of a dance song,the beat is simple and clean her voice come’s in clearly. this is an up tempo pop song. the “Rapping” part was a mice touch to the song. this song will have you bumping your head along to the beat.

“Invisible Person”
this is a slow ballad, just her and a piano are the key factors for this song. this song show case’s her singing ability. with out the help of a digitalizer for her voice. now if son could do more song’s like this. i think she will be set.

“No Sympathy”
yet another ballad but she went with an up tempo beat for the song. this song almost has an 80’s feel to it. the beat is clean so once again she comes in clearly. this track is my favorite track form this album.
the melody is soft and yet has a steady flow with her voice.

were back to the dance beats and synth’s hooks.
this is an up tempo dance track.this is my second favorite track from this album. the beat is some what messy at times the backing music and vocals atend to over laps her voice.

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Electropop Therapy

This is a special review for me, cause first this is one of the very few american artist i love. and second she’s a friend of mine. who is making her way to the music bizz. she has an Ep out called “Electropop Therapy” and a single called “1 U Luv” on Itunes. her name is Chiki. her style i original. her outfits and make up is out of this world. Chiki is one of a kind and is a breath of fresh air to the pop world!

“Too Much Funn”
is an electro pop song.
this song will have you humming along.
this is one of my favorites.
this song is uptempo pop song almost border line dance song
the music does not drown her voice at all.
the back vocals are there but not as strong as some artist have it where it over power’s the main vocals.

“Never Look Down”
okay this song is a dance number not so heavy on the dance beat.
the drums were a nice touch in the song.
this song is an absolute favorite!!
this song is really catchy. the lyrics are great abit on the silly side but i love it. almost at the end of the song. it gets real festive. oh eveyone going dance crazy!

“Fox In The Garden”
this song is an slow tempo pop song.
easy to sway to. the song has more of a carnieval feel to it
this has got to be one of the best slow tempo pop song’s i’ve heard in a long time.

back to the dance pop music
this song will make you dance in your seat
it will also have you singing along with it as well
this is an uptempo pop song
the backing music is not bad. its clean and the vocals are strong
this song show’s the power range Chiki has with her vocals.

for more info on chiki
visit her website at

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Son Dam Bi Mini Album Vol.1

here is a review of son’s first mini album.

short electrik music and talking with an voice digital.
pretty cool if you ask me.nothing to heavy and nothing to over the top.

“Bad Boy (Ballad version)”
just a piano is all you need for some songs.
and that is true in this case. son’s voice blends in with the piano very well. although this song very short.i would have love to seen son take on an ballad with out backing beats. it makes me wonder? was she was scared to do it? or does she have what it takes?

this is an up tempo dance track. one of my favorites on this mini album
the beat is clean,its not drowning her out at all. her voice is not alterd that much. this song will make you do the bobble head dance.

this is a slow ballad song, no dance beat at all. thank god i have a ballad that has a dance beat to it.
i myself thinks that this song show case’s her strong vocals
her voice almost seems bare, and to be honest she does have somewhat of a beautiful voice.

“Bad Boy(INST)”
i love this song,its bad ass even with out the lyrics.
this song always has me dancing.

“Bad Boy”
this song is a total dance track.
the music does drown her out at times but you dont notice it. this song is my favorite track on this album.

“์ž…๋‹ค ์งˆ๋ฆฐ ์˜ท”
cool pop song,the beat has a steady flow to the song. her voice is not drown out by the back ground music.the beat is very clean and simple.this is one of her better pop songs.

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this is a joint single colab with After School.who son dam bi would have been apart of. this song is for a cell phone that just came out in korea.

this song is an up tempo dance track
son dam bi takes the lead vocals,which kinda drowns out after school
making it her song so to speak.
their voices are so alterd, the backing music is too much
yeah its a dance song. BUT the beat could have been more clean
and their voices would have been more human instead of singing computers.
:NOW NO WAY IM BEING ANTI TO BOTH OF THEM, I AM HUGE FAN OF THEM BOTH: but this song could have been so much better

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a review of miss Rupaul’s “Champion” album
ms. ruru has had middle success with her albums. her first album “Super Model Of The World” was good charted some dance hits. after that album her musical success was at a stand still untill she released “RuPaul Red Hot” that album was one of her highest seeling albums
with the sound of pure dance music. but now the drag champion is back home, with a very successful tv show and new dance album.

“Main Event”
this is the opening song, a slow ballad with a dance beat to match it
the song starts to pick up after the one minute mark of the song.
miss ruru still has the chop’s you can hear how strong her voice is.

“Jealous Of My Boogie”
this song is one of my favorites on this album
this song addresses the haters and lookers
yes we know were fly,no need to stare is the message for this song
this is an uber dance track, although her voice is alittle too synth for me.

“Cover Girl”
this song will bring out the diva in you!
this song is a reminder of her first hit single “super model of the world (you better work)” this song was the main runway song for rupaul’s drage race. this song will make you want to work the runway!

“Tranny Chaser”
this song is for the “Queens” of the world
this song has some very funny lyrics. this will make you smile when your feeling down.its just that funny.

this song is one of my favorite jams on here
cause it has a hint of j-pop in here but more like j-dance
this song was inspiered by a drag queen on her show “Ongina” was her name. this song is in my eyes the best song on here
cause it does not drown out her voice and its well blended.

this song is an upper, by that i mean this song will make you stand tall to the troubles you are having. this is a dance song but the message is loud and clear. “dont give up, stand your ground”

“Never Go Home Again”
this song is dark and sad something i am not use to seeing from ms.ruru. from the tell of this song she had a hard childhood.
the dance music starts to pick up at the end. but not alot.

“Destiny Is Mine”
this song is okay-ish i mean its not like “holy shit” but okay
like the others this too is a dance song, who knew right?
this song really doesnt any lyrics to it.

“Let’s Turn the Night”
this song is my other favorite jam on this album
the beat is simple and she come’s in more clearly.
its a mid slow tempo dance song….well not dance more like chill out

“Devil Made Me Do It”
thanks to this song, i have a new saying now “devil made me do it”
like some of her songs….her voice is too alterd.
this song has a 90s esq dance feel to it.

“Theme from “Drag Race””
this song i really dont care for it
but then i do,cause some of the lyrics scream kylie minogue like “make it pop lock” as the title says its the theme to drag race.

“Throw Ya Hands Up (With Lady Bunny)”
sorry for that,this is my uber favorite song from this album
cause it has that funny bunny, Lady Bunny
i was shock and amazed of the high note she can sing i mean really.
this song is thee dance party song! enough said!

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