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My Top 10 Songs (Asian)

Some of these songs are from korean,chinese and japanese artist
(there are going to be some remixs as well)

1.)SNSD/Girls-“소원을 말해봐 (Genie)”=”Tell Me Your Wish Genie”.
the girls shed their cute iamgine for a more sexy one
i wouldnt really call this a dance song,but its the type of song you can bump in the streets.

2.)After School-“Diva”
this group is the korean pussy catdolls only with more talent
this song is catchy,it plant its slef in your head and be stcuk on repeat
all day.this is a dance song at its finest.

3.)Lee Jung Hyun-“CRAZY”
i have been a fan of hyuny’s for a long time,she is korea’s trance/dance queen.with her new mini album “Avaholic”
that is a blast of her old sound
crazy is a great dance/club track.

4.)Koda Kumi-“TABOO”
this is a total club banger
this song is charged with fat beats and great rythm
very dancy.

5.)Koda Kumi-“Lady Go!”
this is more of an up beat pop song
perfect for driving,i think this song is j-pop at its finest.

6.)Leah Dizon-“Under The Same Sky”
this song is some what of a downer and yet its also beautiful
the softy melodies they use syncs with her voice.

7.)ravex-“Believe in LOVE feat. BoA”
this is an excellent relaxing song,its like an up beat chill out song. perfect for kicking back.

8.)Ami Suzuki-“Can’t Stop The Disco”
its ami suzuki enough,its a trance dance song.

9.)Cyrstal Kay-“One”
this is an up beat pop song,that was an anime song for pokemon movie

10.)ravex-“HOUSE NATION feat. LISA”
classic 90’s house esq song. this song is a must for house lovers.


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Nightmare Fades Into The Sun

the dream was so real i cant stop thinking about it……
the screaming,the music.what does this mean?
am i the only one who had this dream?
i think i should ask around at school.
(looks at the clock on the nightstand)
oh shit!!!!!!! i’m going to be late!
shit shit shit shit i hate being late
ahhhhhh made before the homeroom teacher.
an hour in to the class and i cant stop thinking about the dream
i cant get the melody out of my head…….
i still have to ask around the school


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in the works (an anime tale)

NOTE:: this is an anime i am working on,i know the grammer is not all that great this was just off the top of my head.the real anime is in a safe note book in my room.:::::


i awoke from a dream…more like a nightmare
the nightmare seemed so real.
the city where i lived was in turmoil
people were scream and die on the side walks
i couldnt help but to notice there was this angelic melody playing through out the dream…..
the thing the stood out the most was a group of people
walking around with what appears to marks on their chest’s
as they stood in line side by side
they were chanting…no more like singing
the alngelic melody was growing softer and softer to the point it was i stood there watching the group sing
them standing there locking arms not noticeing whats going on around them,it was like they tuned everything out and just concentrait on their eye’s were starting to play tricks on me
piece’s of paper where shooting out from the groups chest.. each piece of paper contain a lyric and music.
as each singer’s piece of paper was out from their chest it was down to the last singer…it was a girl. no more then 16.
she was scared but she continued to sing
the angelic melody started to grow stronger and stronger.
i was getting scared just watching her stand there alone…suddenly she stoped singing and turnd around and looked at my dierection
she smiled and i notced that she was crying…..the final piece shot out of her chest…the last piece was so bright i remembering covering my eyes and hearing her scream…….
when i woke up,i quickly felt my chest just to see if something was there.just sitting there thinking what a horrific nightmare that was.

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Beat Sampleing

i just noticed that in the new RuPaul Album that they used a beat from koda kumi’s “TABOO” for the song “Main Event”

i think that is awesome that they used a jpop beat for an american song.

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