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Japanese Trip (my plans)

most of my friends and family know that i am planing a trip to Japan.
and they ask what do i plan to do?
well here it goes!
what i plan to do is vist every city,just backpack through out japan
and i am going to record every document.history,fashion,art,etc…
i do plan to stay in japan for like 6 months or more. i am going alone
everybody and their mother wants to go with me.but this is something i wanna do alone.for the past year i have been learning japanese off/on when i have the time to do it also i am trying my hand in writing in japanese too.
i have been looking in to where am i going to stay and airplane ticket prices.i know that japanese people arnt to kind to westerners and such.but im not worried one bit.
i will be leaveing for japan in 10 years.
why 10 years you ask?
will by then i hope my japanese would be perfect,ill be done with school and also i would have saved money for my trip.
so there you have it my details for my japanese trip.


February 1, 2009 Posted by | Life | | 2 Comments